Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) will meet the needs for R&D facilities, offices, and laboratories.


Support Facilities

Hotel and work cafeteria

West Wing, 1F, 2F, and 8-10F
Meetings, welcoming and farewell parties, etc.
The restaurant and the small to medium banquet hall on the 1st floor can be used for meetings or welcoming and farewell parties requiring dining.
Work cafeteria
The cafeteria on the 2nd floor is for employees, but can be used as a venue for welcoming and farewell parties and other parties at night.
The 8-10th floors are guest floors with a total of 73 rooms.


West Wing, 3F, 460 m2 (can be partitioned in two)
Large banquet hall
Can seat 250 people or 400 people for standing
Lectures, ceremonies
The hall is equipped with a sound control room and can be used for meetings that require a large screen or for international conferences that require simultaneous interpretation.

Meeting rooms, research rooms

West Wing, 7F (floor exclusively for meeting rooms and research rooms)
Meeting rooms, research rooms
There are 11 small to medium rooms that can fit a maximum of 72 people, and we have prepared research plans that come with accommodation.
Facility specifications
All rooms come with windows and have access to Wi-Fi. There is a garden at the center of the floor, providing a relaxed environment.

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus operates between Mizonokuchi Station and KSP.

(Note) Because the bus operates exclusively for members until 10 AM on weekdays (between 7 AM and 10 AM), membership cards (comes with a fee) are required to board.

KSP shuttle bus boarding area

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Departing from KSP towards Mizonokuchi Station

Between 7 AM and 10 AM (grey) is exclusive to members

Departing from Mizonokuchi Station towards KSP

Between 7 AM and 10 AM (grey) is exclusive to members