Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) will meet the needs for R&D facilities, offices, and laboratories.


FloorHighly flexible rectangular offices and R&D floors

Layout is easy in spaces unimpeded by building structure.

Standard Floor (sample floor plan)

We will introduce actual floor use examples of 2F through the 12F for buildings A through D which are all the same.
*Depending on the floor and room partitions, area differs slightly (standard use, shared partition use)

  • Standard Usage
    • 5 spans:492m²

    • 7 spans:690m²

  • Partitioned Usage

    1 spans:78m² / 2 spans:157m² /3 spans:234m²

  • Slit

Bldg. SpecBuilding facilities suitable for various kinds of R&D

Japan’s first large-scale multi-tenant laboratory can flexibly accommodate various research themes and needs.

  • Above-ceiling space

    Draft chambers or other ventilation ducting may be installed in the above-ceiling space. The space may also be used if installing a clean room.

  • Exhaust treatment

    For installation of ventilation ducts, ducts may be passed through the slit from above the ceiling to the roof. Heated exhaust may be released into the slit after internal treatment.

  • Rooftop equipment space

    A multipurpose foundation is installed on the roof as space for equipment such as a scrubber and other exhaust gas treatment equipment or gas tanks.

  • Waste water treatment

    Laboratory drainage is treated in the water treatment tower. There are two collecting pans per span. The under-floor pipes are inclined so there is no need for return.

  • Electrical capacity

    Single-phase: 200 V/100 V, 90 V/m²
    3-phase: 200 V: Up to 140 VA/m²
    (Contact if using more than the above)

  • Elevators

    In addition to the passenger elevator, there is a 3,200-kg-capacity freight elevator.

  • Rental space load cap

    Design load capacity is 500 kg/m²permitting installation of various types of lab equipment. Heavier equipment may be installed if load dispersal is applied.

Physical Standards

  • Structure
    Steel-frame reinforced concrete; 12 stories; low-vibration, high-rigidity earthquake-resistant construction
  • Total floor area
    96,466m²(includes 9,503m² of underground parking)
  • Floor
    Carpet tiles (may be changed to vinyl or other flooring)
  • Design load cap
  • Space/capacity
    5-span side: 492m², 7-span side: 690m²
  • Ceiling
    Rockwool soundproofing board (system ceiling)
  • Ceiling hanging load
  • Ceiling height
    2,700mm (1st floor: 3,000 mm) (infrastructure may be stored above ceiling)
  • Roof
    Multipurpose foundation (scrubbers, etc. may be installed)
  • Carry-in dimensions
    2,800 × 1,790 × 2,480 (mm)

Equipment Standards

  • Ventilation expansion
    75(Kcal/h) ≒ 0.3MJ/h per m²
  • Water supply/drainage/ventilation
    Potable water for experiments, cooling water for experiments (return, circulating), general drainage and experiment drainage possible, special equipment installation possible
  • Potable water supply vol.
    39L/min (2.3m²/h) per span
  • Cooling water
    30℃ cooling water (same volume as potable water)
  • Heat source
    Cold water (7℃), hot water (46℃), steam (hot water, steam provided only during heating); city gas (6,000Kcal/h per span) ≒ 25.1MJ/h per span

Electrical Equipment Standards

  • Power supply
    3Φ3W (3-phase, 3-line) 66KV (main and auxiliary supply system)
  • Generator
    (2,000KVA), 9 sets of storage batteries (suitable for emergency load)
  • Power ratings
    1Φ200/100V: 90VA/m²
    3Φ200V: 140VA/m²
    (Contact if using more than the above)


  • Firefighting facilities (within rental spaces)
    Automatic fire alarms, emergency PA system, emergency lighting, guide lighting, fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, smoke ventilation windows, fire doors/shutters
  • Elevators
    For passengers: 12 (capacity: 15-20)
    For freight and emergencies: 4
    Max. carrying dimensions: 2,800 × 1,900 × 2,500 (mm)(freight entrance: 1,790 × 2,480mm)
    Max. load: 3,200kg
  • Interior wiring
    Floor duct facilities (3-way for high voltage, IT and low voltage), 600 mm drawing pitch
  • Lighting
    Hf 32W, 2-tube fixtures
  • Optical fiber cable
    Any provider possible
  • Drainage facilities
    Drainage pans preinstalled in rental spaces (spans 1-6)